Web Design Consultant vs. Agency: Which To Hire for Web Design Needs

a group of experts in a consultation meeting

Every successful business story started with an idea and a vision, developed critically in someone’s head. Assuming that you already are at that stage and have all your goals figured out, a lot more goes into establishing a flourishing online presence for your business. Many people often mention agency and consultancy in the same context, but it can be challenging to know which is best for your business. Who is a web design consultant, and how are they different from an agency? We’ll explain these two terms and discuss when you should hire a web design agency.

Understanding Web Design Consultants

As far as web design goes, a consultant’s work is to listen to your ideas and then consolidate them into an actionable course, including recommending the best technologies and functionalities. 

As an inexperienced person in the online business space, your solutions might not be optimal to ensure your enterprise’s long-term success. Hence, a web design consultant advises otherwise if need be. They have the success of the business in mind, and they can counsel you against ideas that would have a negative impact on your business.

Some functions of web consultants regarding design include:

Website audit — any kind of audit is vital, as it gives a precise overview of the business at large, sheds light on the strengths and weaknesses of the site and gives recommendations, all with the goal of improving it. A web design consultant will analyze your site’s functionality, user experience, and responsiveness. The consultant can examine whether your website is positioned to thrive in response to current web design trends. For instance, mobile-friendliness is crucial for all modern websites, as 54% of all online sales are expected to be conducted on a mobile phone in 2021.

By conducting a full study of the site, they will tell you whether it needs a complete overhaul or simply improvement in certain areas. They will listen to your ideas and help you brainstorm. They will provide advice on business strategies after comparing different insights from current results, competitors, trends, and other critical factors. A web design consultant will advise on design trends that need to be tweaked to achieve better usability and aesthetic value and the best way to run effective campaigns across social media and other channels.

Is a Consultant Sufficient?

If a consultancy firm features a development department, well and good. Theoretically, you can decide to seek the services of a web design consultant, utilize all the advice they throw your way, and then work on a DIY site yourself. However, 98% of entrepreneurs who attempt to do their own designing end up failing even to launch their site. So in many cases, it’s advisable to hire a web design agency.

When To Hire an Agency for Web Design

team of web developers at work

Note that a web design agency is not synonymous with a developer. The latter engages primarily in the construction of the code itself, while the former involves a lot more. The actualization of your refined ideas will be best applied by a professional web design agency that features all departments, from consultation to post-development practices. So how do you know when you need to hire one?

In Pursuit of Customization and Uniqueness

Your niche is probably crowded by countless competitors, which makes it essential for your site to have a unique and engaging brand identity. Unfortunately, simple code that aligns with your goals does not cut it — as a web design consultant would tell you. A lot more goes into personalization — which a good agency can deliver. 

To Achieve Excellent SEO Results

Let’s assume that the agency has already come up with a modern website, complete with mobile-friendliness and unique functionalities that put you ahead. What’s next? With the high level of competition out there, it is hard to run a successful online presence without proper SEO considerations. 64% of marketers spend time researching and implementing SEO, because it is essential to generate leads. Most agencies offer SEO marketing services, but you should make sure that any agency you consider can provide this service to make the most of your partnership.

To Leverage Centralized Resources

Your vision and personal preferences, as discussed with a web design consultant, matter a lot, and with so much change and turbulence in the web design world, you need a company that never runs out of resources to keep your vision alive. If you hire a web design agency, chances are it has a team of professional builders, consultants, creatives, and content creators. Each of these departments will contribute to the growth of your site. The breadth of these resources will ensure the successful continuity of your site into the future. 

When You Need Extensive, Prudent Scalability

If you are a new businessperson, it may be hard to figure out what it takes to run a huge website; you lack the experience, but an agency has seen it all. A web design consultant might advise you to kick off with a few pages that display your products and a contact gateway. As business starts to pick up, it becomes essential to add critical elements such as an optimized blog, video chats, testimonials, search functionality, and chatbots, to name a few. A professional agency will ensure all these get incorporated at the right time, ensuring consistent and coherent growth. Also, they will give you the peace of mind you need to focus on running other essential business errands. 

Dedication and Timeliness

Now that you and the company have aligned your goals, factored in customer needs, and found a path for your site’s success, the time factor kicks in. Success rarely comes overnight, so time is needed to achieve what you desire. A strong web design agency operates within well-stipulated timelines and deadlines, so it can give you realistic expectations about how much time to dedicate to the web design process. 

A web design consultant focuses on the business’s success even before they get down to actualizing the idea. There is a distinct difference between an agency and a developer, who is only responsible for building the code. The idea is to hire a web design agency with all the relevant departments. This centralization of all operations will come with many benefits, including increased growth, consistency, and peace of mind for you.